How To Get The Best Shave EVER

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King of barbers Daniel Rouah shares with Heart his best tips to get the perfect smooth shave and avoid cuts and rashes in a few easy steps.

The French grooming guru ( opened England's first skincare salon in 1980, has had many celebrities on his barber's chair, including Richard E. Grant, Oliver Reed and Richard Branson and has appeared as male beauty expert on more than 850 TV shows. Rouah is a consultant to brands such as Louis Vuitton and Gillet and has recently worked on 'Made In Chelsea'. He's the author of 'Beards, Moustaches and Shaving: A Cutting Edge Guide to Stylish Facial Hair', available on Kindle. 


What are the most common mistakes men commit when shaving and how can they be prevented?

Never rush. Clean up the mirror if it's steamed so you can clearly see what you are doing. Invest in a good razor and change the blade every seven shaves. Use a shaving brush.
Bad shaving techniques aggravate an already existing condition and spread infection to other areas of the face. The best way to minimise the development and spread of razor bumps is to discover, through trial and error, a shaving technique or method of hair removal that is appropriate to the sufferer.
If you do suffer from razor bumps, acne or have a sensitive skin I would advise dry shaving with an electric razor.


What do you have to look out to when buying an electric razor?
1. It has to feel comfortable in your hand
2. You can purchase several types – triple, double and single head, wet electric shaver, battery or rechargeable
3. You don’t have to buy the most expensive
4. The use of an electric razor will reduce the occurrence of shaving bumps, redness, irritation or any form of rash. For acne see a dermatologist
5. Always shave before eating, not straight after as the skin is particularly sensitive when the digestive system is active
6. Do not wash your face before shaving. It will make the razor drag and shaving hard on the skin
7. Apply a little talcum powder to the beard area before shaving as it will make the razor glide smoothly
8. When shaving do not put any pressure on the razor, as it will make the skin sensitive
9. When finished wash your face with warm water, rinse off, pat dry and moisturise
10. Keep the razor clean and change the foil regularly

Oil or soap: what's best for a smooth shave? 
I am old fashion and I like to use a shaving cream with a shaving brush. The rotary movement of the brush will make the hairs stand and make shaving easy.


How can you prevent ingrown hairs?
Very often people think they have ingrown hairs, but it's not the case. Ingrown hairs occur when the hair curls back and grows underneath the skin surface. This creates a space where bacterial infections thrive and the result is a sore or pimple - a razor bump.


What's the best way to shave to avoid getting a rash?
Change the blade every seven shaves and invest in a good razor. Don't shave against the hair growth.


What's the best way of getting rid of a rash?
If you have a rash, stop shaving for a few days and check if you've used an old blade, if you have shaved against the grain or if you've shaved immediately before or after eating. Never use any alcohol-based products, especially after shaving, as your skin is very sensitive at this time. Finally avoid using a facial mask or scrub just before or after shaving, instead do it at a different time, such as at night, before bed.

What's the best way of healing cuts quickly? 
Apply a Styptic Pencil on the cut and the bleeding will stop immediately. It's really easy to use and you can buy it in any good chemist. To avoid cutting yourself, take time whilst shaving.

Styptic Pencil

What are the best products to prep the skin before a shave?
I always use a good moisturiser before shaving. Using a moisturising cream will protect your skin from ageing, environment and extreme weather conditions. A good one doesn't have to be expensive and there are several types for normal and problem skin, so if in doubt, consult a beauty therapist.

Kiehl's Moisturiser


What are the best ways of shaping a beard?
The best way is to see your barber.  if i had a beard or moustache I'd leave it to the professionals. You look is too important.

How do you deal with ear and nose hairs?
Speak to your barber if you have these concerns.


Daniel Rouah