Best Way To Apply Foundation? Sponge, Fingers or Brush

A perfect base is important in creating a flawless beauty look, but what is the best way to apply foundation? The Heart beauty team test it and report back.

Heart presenter Margherita Taylor tests applying foundation with a SPONGE.

I've found one great sponge that works really well - MAC's foundation Wedge sponge which comes in a wheel of 6/8 triangles. 
They are really soft, gentle on your face and don't drag your skin. They don't absorb all the product too and waste it and you can use them both them both wet and dry.
They're great value, and hygienically it's great that you can use a triangle from the wheel, for a few applications and then throw it away and move onto the next one. It's better than spending a fortune on one sponge and have it hanging around your make-up bag for months. 
The reason I like this brand is because I've found others that can be hard on the skin and also pull off more product than they put on. Not great when you are rushing - which I usually am. 
For a big night out when I have got the luxury of time, I might apply my base with the MAC sponge. 
But for day-to-day I prefer using fingers to apply foundation for a smooth, even finish. 
When I'm rushing out the house at 3am to cover the Heart Breakfast show, and I've done my make-up when I'm half asleep, at least when I've used my fingers to apply foundation, I know it won't look like my make-up was done in the dark by the time I arrive at the studio. 
Online Beauty Editor Angharad Llewellyn tests using your HANDS to apply foundation.
Applying foundation using my fingers means I can manipulate the foundation. 
The warmth of your hands helps the product to move around your face, giving you even coverage. 
You also are the expert in your own face. By using your hands to apply the product - you automatically know where to apply the most foundation and where to let your skin glow through. 
If you want a dewy look, apply a tiny amount of foundation to the back of your hand, then picking up a little product each time, press onto face and move around. 
Using a primer before applying foundation, and using a high quality finishing powder (apply using a rocking motion using a puff) will ensure your base lasts all day.
Managing Editor Vino Vethavanam tries out using a BRUSH to perfect her base.