Halloween How To: Ghoulish Vs Glam Makeup

Need some fancy dress ideas for Halloween? Whether you're going gory or glamorous, we've found 8 make-up tutorials that are perfect for October 31st...

From pretty pumpkin-inspired eyes and lavish black lips to some of the goriest (and easiest) special effects we've ever seen, watch our Halloween how-tos and perfect your look for this year's fright night!

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Glam: Black Swan

Channelling Natalie Portman for your Halloween party? Using latticed eye detailing and a rich berry lipstick you can recreate her stunning and mysterious make-up.

Ghoulish: Hooked Mermaid

Love the idea of special effects but still want stun on Hallows eve? This tortured sea creature is an amazing way to mix the two together.

Glam: Pumpkin Pretty

Using warm orange eyeshadows, bronzers and contouring powders, plus a charcoal gloss, you can mimic this gorgeous glowing look.

Ghoulish: Stretched Mouth

Want the shock factor this Halloween? Try this spooky stapled-open mouth. Despite looking complicated, it's actually just some careful face painting, a few drops of fake blood and some cleverly placed modelling wax. 

Glam: Gothic Beauty

We're in love with this super-glamorous look. If you're going out for the evening but want to keep it chic, this smouldering make-up look will do the trick (or treat)!

Ghoulish: Sugar Skull

If you're a fan of fancy dress but want to do something with a little more fashion credit, we suggest a sugar skull. It's a favourite among the style set...

Glam: Dark Dame

For a fresh twist on gothic make-up, watch this how-to video for a lesson in looking lovely this Halloween. Black lipstick 'n all.

Ghoulish: Crazed Zombie

For a fancy dress outfit with serious shock-factor, go for the crazed zombie. To recreate this look you'll need some coloured contact lenses, an old bar of soap and lashings of fake blood. Prepare to scare...

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