Girl Uses Eyeshadows To Create Stunning Works Of Art...

Georgina Ryland Eyeshadow Art Instagram

We thought eyeshadows were just another nifty tool to distract from those terrible under eye bags... but if done right, you could create a masterpiece!

While most of us are yet to even master the basic flick of an liquid eyeliner pen, or complete the excruciatingly tricky task of a smokey eye, Georgina Ryland has taken eye makeup to a whole new level. 


The Australian make-up artist has been capturing the attention of both professionals and novices alike, with her stunning creations which include Van Gogh's 'Starry Night'  and Monet's 'The Water Lily Pond' painted onto her eyelids. 


To us mere mortals, the idea of using more than two colours on our eyelids is a job in itself, but for Georgia there is seemingly no limit to her clever creations.

Her Instagram account is now followed by over 7,000 people keen to see which work of art she'll produce next. 

Natalie's work isn't just limited to classic art pieces, as she offers up a range of quirky designs - including a tasty creation in the form of fast food!

The incredibly detailed work probably isn't something you'll want to try if you're in a hurry as it takes Georgina just under an hour to complete, using a number of tiny brushes and liquid liners to complete the look.



While we admit this is FAR too complicated for us to try ourselves, we'll definitely be heading clicking 'follow' on her Instagram page to see what she comes up with next!