Christmas Beauty: From Office to Party

It's that time of year again when our diaries become so full we can barely remember which day of the week it is. There's the extra pre-holiday jobs piling up at work, mad dashes to the shops for those last-minute gifts and of course, the office Christmas party. Yes, December can leave you feeling a little flustered at times.

With constant invitations flooding your inbox, we know there are bound to be those occasions where you just don't have the spare time to go home and change.

False LashesHere are our make-up tips to take you seamlessly from day to night. These sneaky tricks will insure you can head straight from the office to the party, with no one being any the wiser.

The first tip for taking you instantly from day to night is to give your cheeks a little Christmas shimmer. High Beam by Benefit is perfect for this and will give your cheeks that perfect Sugar Plum Fairy glow. Use the delicate brush to sweep the liquid highlighter over your cheekbones and then use your finger to blend into your complexion (£18.50).

Here in good old Great Britain, it does have a tendency to rain a little more than we'd like. With winter sun being a rare sight, December can leave you feeling a little pale at times. MAC have come up with an answer to this, in the form of their Skinsheen Leg Spray. This gel-based bronzer is easy to apply and will give you great coverage. It's that little boost you need to give you the confidence to take off those tights after a long day at the office. Go on, be brave and bare your legs this party season! (£21.50)

Lip Plump
Eyes are one of the easiest ways to completely change your look and take you from work to party mode. If you're staring at a computer all day, then eyes can be one of the first things to tire. There are several tricks that can instantly change the appearance of your peepers however, and take you wonderfully from day to night.

First it's important to frame your eyes. Liz Earle's pencil will help give you those perfectly defined brows. Adding this structure to your brows will in turn transform your whole face and make your features really stand out (£11.00)

In order to make your eyes really stand out you next need to add some sparkle. Ombre Poudre Eye Shadow is just the right effect to completely change your natural daytime look to a dramatic nighttime finish. This powder includes mother-of-pearl and will magnify your eyes with its incredible shimmer effect (12.95)

An all-important party favourite, that no Christmas do is complete without is false lashes. Our 2012 festive favourites are a Bourjois and Paperself collaboration. These stylish lashes have been inspired by this season's love of all things lacy and will ensure your eyes stand out, making you the belle of the ball (£10.99)

Finally no Christmas party look is complete without a killer lipgloss. Our choice for this season is Sexy Mother Pucker XL - and just like its name, it certainly does the job. Perfect for that high-glamour finish, this lip plumper simulates circulation puffing out lines and wrinkles to give you that coveted bee-stung look. Well, you're going to need kissable lips with all that mistletoe hanging around (£10.00)