This "Cuddle Chair" Means Nights In Alone Will Never Be The Same Again

Nothing gives you freedom quite like being single does. But sometimes we all need a good cuddle...

The Inchworm chair from Behance

Being single is A-MAZING.

You get to enjoy your own company, spend your free time exactly as you see fit and eat whatever you like, whenever you like. 

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However, there is one minor drawback. There isn't always someone on tap to give you a cuddle when you need one. 

Enter this incredible, snuggly sofa chair (which has come to affectionately be nicknamed 'The Cuddle Chair'), meaning that you no longer need a significant other to curl up close with on those cold winter nights. 

A woman reclines on 'The Inchworm' | Picture: Behance

Singles rejoice for the comfy settee, known formally as 'The Inchworm', by designer Alexandra Knyazevoy, will let you sink in and leave the world behind you: No partner needed, thank you. 

So what are you waiting for? Pour yourself that glass of vino, switch First Dates on and RELAX.

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