This Is The Ideal Age Gap For A Successful Marriage…

4 December 2017, 13:04

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By Sam Lucas

They say age is nothing but a number - professors Andrew Francis and Hugo Mialon say otherwise...

In a time where big age gaps between couples are quite the norm, the question of whether the amount of years effects the relationship’s success remains unanswered. 

Until now. 

Research carried out on 3000 people by two professors in the Department of Economics in Atlanta, found that couples with larger age gaps often had the highest divorce rates.

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The statistics showed that married couples with a 10-year age difference were 39 percent more likely to get divorced and those with 20 years between them had a 95 percent chance of splitting.

Although there is no scientific reason behind it, the findings are likely to be based around the fact that when men hit middle age, their sex drives decrease. Meanwhile, it actually increases for women at the same stage. 

So what is the ideal age gap for having a successful marriage? 

According to professors, Andrew Francis and Hugo Mialon the key to a successful marriage is to marry someone with a 12-month age difference - with just a 3 percent chance of it ending in divorce.

Even couples with as small as a five-year age gap had an 18 percent chance of ending unhappily.

So in full, they’re saying the smaller the gap, the better. Who would’ve known?! 


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