These £4 Primark Beauty And The Beast Purses Are Going For A FORTUNE On eBay

Chip cup Primark

They're no longer cheap as chips...

Everyone is going wild for Beauty and the Beast at the moment, but you still might not have seen the UK’s new fashion craze coming.



Cheap as chips retail giant Primark has introduced a purse in the shape of a beloved character from the 1991 Disney film – and they only cost £4!



In fact punters are now reporting that they can’t find a Chip purse anywhere in Primark, as the shop has sold out of the must-have items.



Inevitably, they are being sold on eBay for much more than £4. Poor old Chip would probably be devastated if he knew he was causing such chaos.


Chip Beauty And The Beast Purse


The purses are now going for up to £49.99 each (PLUS postage and packaging!) though the prices keep climbing so it’s possible that desperate shoppers will shell out even more for lovely Chip.


Chip eBay Beauty and the Beast rip-off


Amid all the excitement, Primark has now unveiled an actual cup in the same of Chip, complete with this jaunty angle. What a guy.


Chip cup Primark


Better get to the shops before they go the same way as the purses! We’d hate to see you having to ‘chip’ into your savings.