Mini McFlurry's

McDonald's are releasing a mini McFlurry with HALF the calories

Food emojis

You can now use EMOJIS to order your groceries on the Iceland app

child cough syrup recall 2062018

UPDATED: Recall issued for eight children’s blackcurrant cough medicines

hay fever

Man claims STINGING NETTLES can cure hay fever

pizza boxes not recyclable

You've been eating your pizza wrong this whole time

Woman eating burger

Cheating on your diet can make you lose MORE weight


Wetherspoons will stop selling Champagne ahead of Brexit... and replace it with English fizzy wine

women reading,  work less hours

Women 'should work less hours than men' to prevent emotional burnout

Eating cracker asset

This 'cracker test' reveals how many carbs you should eat in a day

Katie piper and TerriAnn Nunns

Katie Piper's '8 hour window' diet hack helped her lose two stone

Percy Pigs asset

Percy Pigs to be axed in government crackdown on cartoon characters


You can now get Strawberries and Cream flavour Baileys

Vaping, e-cigerettes

Vaping IS addictive and could cause a huge health crisis warn experts

Turkey Twizzler

Thousands sign petition demanding the return of Turkey Twizzlers

Pimms alternatives

Sick of Pimms? Here are some refreshing alternatives for any summer occasion

Kids eating chocolate

This is officially the UK's favourite chocolate bar