Wotsits Fans Cheesed Off As Monster Munch Named Champion Of World Cup Of Crisps

Monster Munch

Crisp lovers have voted the pickled onion flavoured Monster Munch as the best crisp and the winner of the World Cup of Crisps.

Voters declared their love of the potatoey snacks over 48 of their rivals including Wotsits, Walkers Cheese and Onion crisps and Quavers. Things heated up when Monster Munch beat Walkers Cheese and Onion in the first semi final and Wotsits beat Quavers.

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The competition was cloaked in controversy as fans pointed out that Wotsits and Quavers are corn snack while Quavers are made from starch extract.

This left Walkers Cheese and Onion as the only finalist that is made entirely from potato.

The online contest was hosted on Twitter by TV game show host Richard Osman in aid of Child’s i Foundation.

Are you please with the results or are you left utterly cheesed off? 

Which crisps would you declare as the world’s best?