Can You Calculate THIS Restaurant Bill? £1 Riddle Is Baffling EVERYONE.

One Pound riddle quiz

We never thought a £1 bill would leave us THIS confused, but this riddle has us scratching our heads.

Have you ever been to a restaurant with your pals, and (after a few glass of wine!) the bill just doesn't seem to add up?

Well, a brand new riddle has been driving the internet mad as punters are desperately trying to calculate the restaurant bill for a fictional set of diners.

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Three friends split a £30 bill at the end of their meal. 

They each hand the waiter £10 thinking they've settled the total. But the waiter makes a mistake and instead of £30, the group should only have been charged £25. 

In a bid to split the £5 evenly he hands each diner £1 from the extra £5 and keeps £2 for himself. 

So far so good right? Well things are about to get a little bit tricky. 

Each of the diners get £1 back which means they each paid £9 for their meal, bringing the total to £27. 

The waiter then keeps £2, which brings the total to £29… so where’s the extra £1? 


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Want us to put you out of your misery?

Apparently, the £1 is not actually missing. It’s all down to how you approach the tricky calculation.
If you add it up with the new total cost of the meal, which is £25, plus the £3 given to the diners and the £2 kept by the waiter, it comes to £30. 
So why is it so confusing? This type of brainteaser is called an informal fallacy, meaning there’s an error in the way you are working out the solution.

After that headache, we hope we're never faced with this type of calculation next time we go out to eat!