This Is Why Kinder Surprise Toy Cases Are Yellow (And It Will Blow Your Mind)

28 February 2017, 15:52

This Is Why Kinder Surprise Toy Cases Are Yellow (

By Hollie Borland

There's more to the design of a Kinder Surprise than just making it look tasty. Once you realise why, you'll be cracking up (get it).

As a kid, the only thing better than chocolate is chocolate with the promise of a toy inside - which is why we used to beg our mums to have them. 

Have you ever stopped to consider the design of the product, though? Right before tucking in, have you ever wondered why the milk chocolate is on the outside, the white on the inside and the toy case inside is yellow?

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Now, some absolute chocoholic genius has brought it to our attention that the design is all there for a reason - it's not just to make you eat them. 

And it's really obvious. 

It's yellow because it's meant to look like the yolk of an egg. And the white chocolate on the inside is supposed to be the white bit that surrounds the yolk. 

People are only just noticing it and it's blowing their mind. 

But the know-it-alls also took to twitter to boast that they were never fooled by the packaging.

But for now, we'll leave you with this yolk - we mean joke: