Have You Ever Been Served A Meal On A Skateboard? These Restaurants Are So 'Trendy' It's Becoming A Joke!

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Plates were invented for a good reason! So why are these restaurants serving Prosecco in a welly?

With hipster culture on the rise, sometimes what's cool or quirky is getting a bit out of hand!

Restaurants are the WORST culprits with odd furniture and crazy decor becoming more common and even the absence of PLATES in some dinner spots.

Plates serve a noble purpose, but these restaurants seem to be ignoring the sensible option and serving their food in the most annoyingly wacky ways.

Prosecco in a welly? No thanks!

Chips in a dustbin? Certainly not!

We Want Plates is a Twitter account dedicated to shaming the worst of plate free food around the world and we've rounded up their most ludicrous foodie findings for you to marvel at...

Absurd! I think we'll stick to plates!