We've Been Eating Ice Lollies Wrong This WHOLE Time!

Ice Lolly - IStock

Slurping away at that popsicle isn't the best way to go about things...

As the summer weather picks up there's nothing better than reaching for a cold ice lolly, but how many times have you enjoyed a chilly treat only to have the syrup melt into a sticky mess in your hands? 

Apparently, experts (if there is such a thing!) have come up with a fail-safe technique to eating a popsicle that will see more of it in your mouth rather than in your palms. 

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If you're a fan of Fab ice lollies in particular then you'll probably be surprised to know that eating the treat layer by layer is a huge faux pas! 

According to food futurologist (yep, we have no idea what that means either!) just under half of all Brits eat ice lollies by sucking them, but a there is actually a better way to stop your ice lolly melting. 

food expert Lyndon explains: "We’re a nation of obsessive lolly eaters who prefer to eat ice lollies layer-by-layer. But we can reveal that this is in fact the wrong way to eat one. Biting your ice lolly from the bottom-up will minimize the number of drips from the stick. 

It’s important to ensure that this method is combined with small bites and licks, and repeated."

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Research carried out by the makers of Fab ice-cream. 

Only 2% of us currently nibble our lollies, while 94% of us eat from the top-down, refusing to begin the next layer of the ice lolly until the first bit is consumed.

Eating your lolly from top to bottom might sound like the most logical method but you'll find yourself reaching for the tissues quicker than you can say Strawberry Split!