Lisa Riley IGNORED By 'Loose Women' As She Shows Off EIGHT Stone Weightloss

Lisa Riley On Her Dramatic Weight Loss | Loose Women


The former 'Emmerdale' star reveals how shaking up her lifestyle helped her to achieve THAT fab new figure, and it was easier than you'd think!

No one likes to be ignored... unless of course it's because you've slimmed down and lost eight-stone and people don't recognise you because you look that good!

That's exactly what happened to Lisa Riley, the former Strictly star, when she turned up to the Loose Women studios to appear on the show. 

Host Ruth Langsford said: "Isn't it true that two of us have walked past you today and didn't recognise you."

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The former Emmerdale actress went from a size 30 to a size 16 in just ten months by losing eight-stone which understandably has had a dramatic affect on her appearance. 

Lisa revealed her transformation by posting a holiday snap to Twitter which was greeted with thousands of messages from fans applauding her stunning new look after she dropped a whopping SEVEN dress sizes from size 30 down to a size 16 in just 10 months.

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Lisa before her weight loss back in 2014. 

How Did She Do It?

Now, Lisa finally revealed to Bella Magazine the secrets to her success, and it has nothing to do with a crazy new fad diet, just a good ol' shake up of her routine and a more healthy lifestyle. 

So how did she do it? 


It seems crazy, but just small changes to your routine can really help shift the weight and Lisa claims a brisk 40 minute walk before her morning shower coupled with simple lifestyle changes has worked wonders. She explained: "Rather than take a lift, I’ll run up the stairs."


Believe it or not,  Lisa hasn't spent every single night in the gym to achieve her new curves. Instead, the star says she opts for more enjoyable exercises such as Zumba, a high intensity dance workout, in the evenings in addition to regular yoga classes.  


It's a no brainer that pizza is bad and broccoli is good. No one is saying you have to deprive yourself of the things you like, but you need to get smarter about the choices you make when it comes to food. 

For Lisa this meant doing away with some of her favourite snacks including Pringles, a food weakness she calls "the devil". Oh, and wait for it... ALCOHOL!

She explains: "I don’t eat after 6pm, and what I’m putting in my body is not what I’ve put in my body for years. I’ve not drunk alcohol for a long time now." 


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Well, when you think that a large glass of rose wine has 160 calories, it kinda makes sense to ditch the booze. But we're sure a slimline Gin and Tonic, only 52 calories, at the weekend won't hurt!

It won't be easy but if you start making these small changes to your routine, whose to say you won't be bikini ready by summer?