Fans Go Mad At Nigella For This Ridiculous Recipe Suggestion

6 July 2017, 10:43

Nigella Lawson Recipe

Nigella's Instagram followers weren't impressed by her most recent recipe.

Nigella Lawson is the undisputed queen of cooking programmes.

In a world which was ruled by male TV chefs she brought the glamour and we still love watching her cooking programmes on TV to this day.

But we even rolled our eyes when we saw this latest recipe suggestion from the 57-year-old TV star.

She uploaded this picture of what she calls an 'old fashioned tomato salad feat homemade salad dressing' onto Instagram and told her followers that 'you can get the recipe by clicking on the link'.

It seems innocent enough....until her followers realised its literally cherry tomatoes chopped in half with some salad cream, why on earth does it need a recipe?!

One particularly riled fan said "I REALLY hope this is a joke!? This is a dish of cherry tomatoes cut in half, with a squirt of salad cream...get over youself for goodness sake!!!" and another said "she's running out of ideas".

Harsh words guys! 

We'll admit that this recipe does look a little slap dash, but in reality it's actually a recipe for her home made salad dressing and not just how to halve some cherry tomatoes.

Nigella Lawson

Her salad cream recipe combines mustard, flour and sugar, a teaspoon of salt, milk, egg and vinegar and we bet it's probably tastier than the stuff in the squeezy bottle. You can read the full recipe here on her website.

So before we are quick to judge Nigella next time we need to remember she is the reigning queen of the kitchen and whether it's a plate of tomatoes or a five course meal, when it comes to food in Nigella we trust!