There's An Every Day Snack That's Ruining Your Teeth... (And It Ain't Chocolate!)


An apple a day keeps the dentist away... Or does it? There's one healthy snack that could be ruining your teeth!

If you want healthy gnashers then staying away from sweets seems like the obvious option, but there's one healthy snack that could be rotting your teeth and you didn't even know it!

We might be encouraged to eat 5 pieces of fruit and veg a day, but you might not know that binging on too much fruits can actually be bad for your teeth!

Fruit is actually full of sugars that bacteria feeds off of, and this means your mouth is producing more acid as waste.

Of course, this acid could trigger the erosion of your teeth.

Those who are trying to keep their bodies in good-nick, could find themselves torn as to how to maintain a healthy diet.

Fortunately, you don't have to give up fruit all together!

Experts claim you can minimise erosion by eating all your fruits in one session, rather than throughout the day.

Drinking water and eating foods that neutralise acid, such as a cheese, at the same time as munching on fruits can also help to reduce the affect!