There Is A HUGE Mistake On This Lidl Sign But Can You Spot It?

Lidl Sign Blunder Canvas

You think if it was your job to make a HUGE sign you'd check it for mistakes but it seems the person responsible for this sign forgot...oops!

A Lidl store in Warrington has made a MASSIVE gaffe before it's even opened!

A sign displayed in the location of the new store letting people know when it would open features a bit of a grammatical mistake.

But can you spot it?

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Lidl Sign Gaffe - Spot The Mistake?

Photo: Reddit

It's a pretty silly mistake! Somebody didn't check their work...

You might have spotted that the sign says 3th of November. Awkward!

If it's the third of something we aaaalll know it should be the 3rd, so this blunder is pretty funny.

I think they might need to go back to the drawing board with this sign!