People Describe Their Bodies In One Word... And It's So Emotional!

What's one word to describe your body?


If you were asked to describe your body to a camera what would you say? Watch the emotional reactions of 100 people here...

We've all got insecurities and niggles that affect our confidence, but would you choose positive words or negative words to describe your body? 

Australian activist, Taryn Brumfitt, founded The Body Image Movement in order to spread a message of body acceptance around the globe. 

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She decided to ask 100 people between the ages of one and 100 to see what word they would use to describe their bodies...and the results are unbelievable. 

Body image confidence baby

She says on her website: "The most important things in our lives are not the different ways our bodies look and grow and change…not even close. Why then do so many of us spend such a huge portion of our lives worrying about it?"

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The film proves that our attitudes to our bodies start confidently as children, followed by sadness and criticism at middle age, and then back to inspiring confidence in old age. 

Body confidence stomach Embrace

In the video, children refer to their bodies as 'strong', 'energetic' and 'creative', but this is swiftly swapped for words like 'fat', 'average' and even 'yuck'!

But as soon as the grey hairs appear, the body confidence seems to soar! One elderly chap jokes: "It is the only one I’ve got and I intend to keep it for as long as I possibly can." Awwww.

Older lady swimming The Body Image movement

How would you describe your body in one word? Would it be good or bad? Let us know here...