This Simple Trick Could Stop Leg Twitches And Get You The Best Night's Sleep

legs out of the bed sheets

Do you have trouble sleeping? Are you kept up at night by uncontrollable spasms and movements...well this could well be the answer.

Let's face it, for many of us it's a constant battle to get a proper night's kip. 

We've tried everything from Camomile tea, to lavender smellies in a hot bath, to Olbas oil on the pillowcase, but sometimes we just can't stop tossing and turning! 

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Around one in 10 people suffer from 'restless leg' syndrome and it can have serious repercussions on the amount of shuteye you're getting.

Well apparently simply wrapping one leg around the cover will put an end to that uncontrollable twitching once and for all. 

Researchers at the Lake Erie Research Institute found that the neat trick could reduce shaking by up to 80%. Neat. 


Here's to a long, restful evening tonight then!