THIS Seemingly Insignificant Function Of A Pen May Just Have Saved Your Life!

Bic Biro Pens

The humble pen seems to often get forgotten about these days...but they do have a rather incredible life-saving design functionality that you need to know about.

If you've ever found yourself innocently chowing down on a pen lid, you've probably not noticed a small hole at the top of the cap. 

And the reason you haven't picked up on this is because it's too insignificant to even register on your radar, right? 

Well wrong actually, because this teeny tiny hole is actually a vital safety feature that you could owe your whole continued existence to. 

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According to research conducted by Business Insider, between 2000 and 2010, over 10,000 unsuspecting people swallowed parts of pens and pencils. 

When disaster strikes however, luckily these nifty holes in BIC caps help prevent you from choking to death by allowing air to continue to circulate. 


This clever ventilation device is also the reason Lego figurines now have holes in their heads too!

Clever huh? 

Bic Biro Pens