Sick Of The Agony Of High Heels? This Easy Trick Will Save Your Feet!

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Do you end up wincing in pain every time you wear high heeled shoes? Well, this expert reckons they've got the perfect solution...

Victoria Beckham might stroll round in heels all day long like she's wearing slippers, but for the rest of us wearing high heels is a pain in the, well, foot! 

If you're one of the millions of women who loves the look of high heels, but hates the pain, then you need to check out this easy peasy advice from podiatrist Emma Supple. 

According to Emma, when it comes to alleviating the burning sensation in your feet, it's not about searching for the right pair of heels but figuring out what type of foot you have. 

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It turns out that some women are just born with feet that LOVE heels...whereas some of us have feet that are determined to stay in flats. 

Now, Emma has come up with a simple equation - Perfect Heel Height or PHH - that figures out what sort of shoes you should be wearing. Basically it works by measuring the flexibility of the talus, or the bone that connects the foot to the leg. 

The way in which this bone moves should be dictating how high a heel you ought to wear - forget about how pretty they are, this is all about practicality! 

Emma's formula also shows that some women will be MORE comfortable in heels than flats, so it's not just a case of throwing all your party shoes in the bin. 

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Want to figure out your own PHH? Here's how to do it....

How to discover if you're a natural heel wearer

What you'll need: 

+ A chair to sit in
+ Tape measure
+ Pencil
+ A friend to help! 


1. Take off your shoes, sit down on the chair and put one leg straight out in front of you.
2. Relax your foot.
3. If your foot naturally sits at a right angle to your outstretched leg and doesn't dangle, you have less mobility in your talus and will be more pained by heels!
4. If the top of your foot falls forward in a straight (ish) line from your leg, you're more likely to be a heel wearer!

How to calculate what heel height you should be wearing

So you know that you've got the feet for high heels, but should you be wearing a one inch, three inch or six inch shoe? Here's how to figure it out...


1. Sit down on a chair, extend your leg parallel to the floor and relax your ankle and foot. 
2. Get a friend to hold the end of a tape measure at your heel, holding it in a horizontal line and parallel with the floor. 
3. Next, hold a pencil vertically starting at the ball of your foot. 
4. Measure the distance exactly where the end of the pencil hits the tape measure. This is your perfect heel height!  

Even if you get a result that says your ideal height is five or six inches, Emma recommends to sticking to around three inches for day-to-day wear. You could be risking bad posture and lower back pain if you don't!

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Check out the video below to see Emma spilling the beans on the perfect high heels...

What are your top tips for avoiding high heel pains?