10 Hacks To Make Your Phone Battery Life Last LONGER

Phone batter life canvas

These days it mobile phones can do SO much, from helping you stay in the loop on social media to finding your favourite Pokemon in the streets around you. But it also feels like phone makers are yet to find a way to make the battery life last long enough to use the apps. 

However, according to engineers from University College London, there are few clever hacks that will help you make your battery life last longer. Have you tried them yet?

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Shut down your apps

Smartphones drink battery power like it's water and it does it even quicker if apps you aren't using are open. Some people don't realise that closing the app screen doesn't shut it down - it's still silently running in the background. 

If you're on an iPhone, double click the middle button and swipe the app you'd like to close upwards. If you're on an android launch the 'recent applications' menu and the tap and hold the application and then swipe it to the right. 

Turn off location services 

It's great letting people know where you are by tagging yourself in a location on Facebook and super useful when using an app to help you find your way when you're lost. But these services drain the battery life so when you're not using them, switch them off.   

Turn off push notifications

Getting notifications sent to your phone means that your phone is constantly connecting to those apps in the background and therefore rinses your batteries. If it's not urgent, switch them off. 

Update the software

Most built-in software includes a function to maximise battery life so always update when you can to utilise the latest battery-saving software. 

Turn Bluetooth off

These connections are used to connect wirelessly to other gadgets including speakers, handsfree and smartwatches. When you're not using the signal to connect, switch it off. 

Lower the screen brightness

Some people don't even realise how bright their screens actually are. By lowering the brightness, your phone uses less power on the backlight and therefore saves battery. 

Keep wifi on

All the time that wifi is switched off, your phone constantly searches for data. squeezing the battery life. Using wifi uses much less battery power. 

Make sure your phone doesn't overheat 

Phones don't come with inbuilt fans to cool them down. This means that it's YOUR job to make sure it doesn't have to operate at temperatures higher than 35°C. Furthermore, charging your phone at high temperatures can also damage that battery life. 

Remove the case

Some phone cases insulate your mobile so removing them when charging can reduce the chances of it overheating and damaging the battery. 

Leaving your phone on charge won't help

Back in the day, phone batteries were a bit dodgy and leaving them on charge after they were full sometimes improved battery life. Nowadays, phones are made with lithium-ion batteries and they are unaffected leaving them on charge after they are 100% charged. 

There you have it. Long live phone battery life!