You've Been Cleaning Your Oven Wrong This Whole Time!

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Try this trick to clean your oven without really trying…

As boring housekeeping goes, cleaning out the oven is up there with the worst. So what if you could clean your oven (gaining points with your mum next time she comes to visit) without all the hassle?

Well, Cleverly reckon they've found a quick and easy solution – no long hours of scouring required – result!

And forget expensive cleaning products, all you need is old-school baking powder, just enough water to form a paste and vinegar!

Mix it all up in a bowl until it forms a paste, then dab it over the worst parts of the oven (we know you have them).

Then put the remaining mixture in the oven, still in the heat-proof bowl, and bake for 45 minutes at 100C. Then, take the bowl out and clean the oven with a sponge.

Dirt and grease should be a lot easier to get off, and your kitchen will soon be worthy of Nigella Lawson.

So if you haven't been cleaning your oven like this, better start now...