These Genius Tricks Played By People FED UP Of Cold Callers Are HILARIOUS!

Angry Phone

There's nothing worse than a cold caller disturbing a quiet evening in, so to keep them at bay, follow our top tips!

Cold Callers are one of the biggest pains and it feels like not a day goes by when some unknown number isn't trying to pester us!

All over special media people have been suggesting their hacks for beating the cold callers and some of them are absolutely GENIUS but so hilarious too. Here are our favourites as well as some of our suggestions...

There's nothing worse than a cold caller disturbing a quiet evening in, so to keep them at bay, follow our top tips!


1. Never Gonna Give You Up!

Play Rick Astley down the phone every time a cold caller rings you until they eventually (hopefully) actually give up!

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2. Speak In A Made Up Language!

Pick up the phone and speak in gibberish! Either they'll think you're speaking another language that they aren't familiar with or they'll think you're crazy. Either way, hopefully they'll stop calling!


3. You're Breaking Up!

Nothing works better than pretending you've got no signal (this works effectively on family members too!). 'Oops sorry you're cracking up!' If you're convincing enough they'll soon hang up. The only thing is.....they might try again later!

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4. Hold The Phone Please!

If a cold caller phones and specifically asks for someone, say you'll just get them and politely ask if they would wait a moment. Then put them on hold until they hang up!


5. Sing Adele To Them.

Adele doesn't realise what a great national service she has done by writing a song called 'Hello'. When a salesperson calls, simply recite the Adele lyrics to them until they get the hint and quit.

''s me......i was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet?' AWKWARD!

Follow these top tips and hopefully you'll avoid being bothered ever're welcome!

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