The Optical Illusions That Are So Good You'll Be Talking About Them For Days

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We've rounded-up some of our favourite mind-bending optical illusions from the wonderful world of the internet...can you resist passing them along?

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All optical illusions are great, but there are some mind-melting and totally bonkers ones that keep our thoughts ticking over for days!

We've pulled together some of our favourite examples of optical trickery to keep you entertained on your next coffee break. 

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Struggling to figure them out? We've included a brief explanation to prove you're not going barmy! 

The Tube Passenger Illusion

Tube passenger London Underground Optical Illusion

This commuter went onto a train in jeans and a jacket and disembarked in a pink dress! Well, not quite. This optical illusion centres on the glass partition separating the man from the woman sitting on his left side. The result is his body superimposed onto a fetching pink skirt suit. 

We don't know about you, but our first thought was twin brothers with VERY different styles! 

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The Mirror Children Challenge

Do you know how many children are in this picture? We know, it seems simple at first but now we're not so sure. Apparently the reflections and angles can be explained by a mirror behind the girls and in front of the girls. So, how many kids are in the picture? It's just two...we think. Maybe.

The Doherty Circles

Doherty Circles optical illusion

Look at the two circles at the centre of each arrangement. Now, which one is bigger? The one on the right? Nope, they're actually both the same size. According to a study by Martin Doherty from the Department of Psychology at the University of Stirling, adults are fooled by this quiz because of something called the Ebbinghaus illusion but children aren't.

It turns out that when estimating the size of an object, adults' brains take into account the shape and size of things around the object, but children don't. Maybe pass this on to your kids and see whether they prove the theory right!

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The Akiyoshi Kitaoka Illusion 

Akiyoshi Kitaoka illusion

What colours do you see in this picture? Sky blue, green, pink and orange? Amazingly, the sky blue and neon green in this picture are actually the exact same colour! Your eye tricks you because of the presence of pink and orange stripes running through the different spirals. Don't believe us? See the proof here

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The Merged Couple

Optical Illusion full length

We have to admit, this one got us scratching our heads. It looks like their bodies have somehow swapped at the waist, but it's all just trickery thanks to this chap's unusual two-tone shorts. As the lady in the picture is wearing a mini-skirt, you can only see her legs and not the hem of her skirt. Clever, but very confusing! 

Kate Middleton's Levitating Trick

Kate middleton hovering battle of the somme

Perhaps the Duchess of Cambridge has a few magic tricks up her sleeve? This clever picture seems to show the Duchess floating above the pavement, but sadly it's just a combination of perspective and the different tones of the gravel pavement. Wouldn't it be brilliant if one of the Royal Family did have some wizarding ways...our bet is on Prince Philip! 

The Brick Wall Challenge

Brick wall cigar optical illusion

What do you see in this picture? A brick wall, or perhaps a snake slithering out of it? Nope, there's actually a cigar poking out of the wall. Hands up who saw it?!

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The Coffeehouse Optical Illusion

Coffeehouse ®Thomas_Hunt optical illusion

These lines may look wobbly but they're actually perfectly straight! This illusion was created in the early 1970s by boffins at the University of Bristol who couldn't stop looking at the tiled wall of a cafe...hence the name, the 'Coffeehouse' or 'Cafe Wall Illusion'. The effect is caused by the grey lines in between the rows of black and white. All we know is it's making our eyes go blurry!

The Rectangle Confusion 

Number of rectangles illusion

How many rectangles are in this picture? The obvious answer is to count the small squares on the left hand side, which reveals there are eight rectangles...but then try counting from the right hand side. Haha, we're just as confused as you are! We think this is one we're never going to understand. 

The prowling cat 

This cat looks like its going both up and down the stairs

Is this cat going up or down the stairs? Technically, there's no right answer, it just depends on what answer your brain jumps to first. We immediately went to an 'up the stairs' answer, what about you? 

The 3D Mind-Bender

You may think this is a glass of water on top of a piece of paper, but it turns out it's actually a 3D drawing. Okay, that's it, our minds are officially blown now! 

What do you think of these optical illusions? Let us know the one that stumped you the most below...