10 Silly Arguments All Families Have Experienced

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From stealing paper money during a game of Monopoly to battling to put the star on the top of the Christmas tree; here are 10 tiffs we've all had along the way...


Petty squabbles and annoying rows are part and parcel of being part of a family, but there are some arguments that crop up time and time again. 

We're not talking life-altering blazing rows. Nope, we're focused on those silly tiffs that make you roll your eyes or just break into laughter. 

Here are a few things all families have experienced...

Board game cheating 

Never let the most ruthlessly competitive member of your family be the banker in Monopoly, or the person who puts the cards in the Cluedo envelope. We've all got that one brother, sister or cousin who just can't resist sneaking a glance at our cards in a hand of poker, so avoid the inevitable spat and play a game that no one can cheat at...Twister. 

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The quickest way to get somewhere

Back seat driving is annoying at the best of times, but it's hard to keep your mouth shut when a family member is going the long-way round for no apparent reason. Our advice is to sit back, relax and enjoy the drive...unless you get lost. When this happens you have our permission to pull over and argue over the old A to Z map in the boot! 

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Who puts the star on the top of the Christmas tree

Should it be the children's job, mum's job, granny's job...who knows? Traditions are important but they're also hard to break, so why not host a little family competition to see who can place the star. We recommend a friendly game of Snap! 

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Emptying the dishwasher 

Loading and emptying the dishwasher, or washing-up the good old fashioned way is one of the most boring chores (of course, cleaning the loo is the absolute worst!), but it still seems to cause family tiffs. Someone not offering to wash up is one thing, but we all know it's 100% worse when they do it and they've done a shoddy job. No one wants to eat of slightly dirty plates!

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Talking over the TV 

You want to watch 'Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway', he wants to watch the football and the kids want to watch 'Frozen' for the millionth time. When the remote control becomes a battleground you know it's time to switch off the box and play some games instead - no matter how good 'Gogglebox' is it's NOT worth arguing over! 

Stepping over an imaginary line

Your kids are having a barney when one of them suddenly announces the room is split down an imaginary line, or their bedroom is a sibling free zone. Your other child dares to step over this imaginary line and all hell breaks loose. Sound familiar? Show them how ridiculous they are being by using masking tape to actually mark off their lines...they'll soon get bored.  

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How to use the computer 

Trying to teach an older relative how to open a web browsers is enough to make Mother Teresa scream in frustration. Never has the nation's patience been tested like trying to show dad how to set up a printer...you have been warned. 

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Sunday morning chores

Arguments about who should do chores is one thing, but nothing will cause raised voices like someone doing their chores at 8am on a Sunday morning. No one wants to be woken from a lovely dream by the sound of the vaccum cleaner or the lawnmower!

Lights, plugs and switches

If they can turn a light on why can't they turn it off?! If you've ever had this thought you're probably living with people who don't notice the small things, like plugs left on standby or TVs left on mute all night long. You could have a tiff about it, but perhaps this is a battle you're going to have to rage on your own. 

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Laughing at your misfortune

You've tripped over a paving stone and fallen flat on your face. He's laughing hysterically. Sometimes gaffs can be funny, like accidentally bumping into something, but sometimes they can be embarrassing and painful. Nothing makes the humiliation worse than a family member guffawing at your expense! We recommend getting your own back at a later date...just bide your time. 

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They drive us mad, but we still love them!