This Simple Word Game Will BLOW YOUR MIND

Blow your mind New Girl

Just when we thought we'd had enough of these optical illusions and mind tricks the internet goes and throws us this one.

It's sorcery we tell you! Definitely black magic... 

Okay so, here goes. Answer these questions as quickly as you can: 

"What's one plus four?

What's five plus two?

What's seven take away three?

Name a vegetable?"

Now scroll down to reveal the trick...








Keep going....






.... Did you say carrot?

Apparently as many as 90% of people guess 'carrot'. 

So how does this work? It has to do with the way our minds compartmentalises information.

To the vast majority of people, the carrot is 'prototypical', therefore our brains have mad it an archetypal vegetable. It works the same way that if the last question was 'name a mammal' you'd be more likely to say chimpanzee or monkey than a whale. 

Do you get it? We kind of do. To be honest, back magic is our key theory her...