Only The Most Eagle-Eyed Can Tell Which Shape Sits EXACTLY In The Middle

Can you guess which shape is in the middle

Over 18,000 people have attempted the quiz, which asks players to spot which shape in the line-up is placed exactly in the middle.

A tricky new test is set to put even those with 20/20 vision through their paces as only the sharpest of eyes can answer these questions.

Over 18,000 people have attempted the quiz which asks players to spot which shape in the line-up is placed exactly in the middle.

But is YOUR eye-sight up to the challenge?

The first challenge sees users having to decide which yellow dot sits exactly in the middle of the blue square, before having to choose which green line makes sits diagonally in the most accurate way.


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Trust us when we say it's harder than it looks.

Of course, this isn't the first mind-boggling challenge to take the internet by storm recently. 

A recent test asked puzzlers to find the soldiers in the forest, or the animals hidden within a huge rainforest.

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