Dad Shares Baby's Reaction To Seeing A Ballerina For The FIRST Time And It's Adorable!

Baby Ballerina

We were feeling especially broody after seeing these adorable snaps!

Seeing a baby smiling is always heartwarming, but we were feeling especially broody after cooing at pictures of a six-month-old girl meeting a ballerina for the first time.

Little Stella's sheer excitement and wonder at meeting the ballet dancer in her glittering pink tutu and headpiece has been making people smile online, after her dad shared it on Reddit last week.

Doting mum Kirsten Schwendehman says that when she introduced the little tot to dancer Abigail Cowan, she couldn’t hide her excitement as she stared open-mouthed at the sparkling ballerina. 

Speaking to MailOnlinem Kiersten gushed about her daughter who was dressed as a little fairy with mini-wings at the time. "She lit up like she had seen the absolute greatest thing in her little lifetime." 

Dad Derek couldn’t resist sharing the heartwarming moment online, explaining: "Parenthood can be really challenging and stressful at times, but then a moment like this happens and it captures exactly what makes it all worth it.

"I thought that was a moment worth sharing."

Well we're glad he did!