Photographs From The Past Show How Kids From Yesteryear Lived

A day nursery in the East End of London

Honestly, kids today don't know how lucky they are! 

A new book has unearthed photographs of some of the more unorthodox ways that we used to care for our children. From sleeping in the cupboards to bonkers medical treatments, children from yesteryear really did have it tough!

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Babies hanging with laundry on washing line
Hung out to dry? Picture | Getty

The Retronaut Guide To Raising Children: The Past Like You Wouldn't Believe by Chris Wild exposes what parenting back in the 1930s was really like - and some of it would make mums and dads in today's age shudder.

A day nursery in the East End of London
Picture | Getty

Safety first! Here a concerned mother straps a sign to her son's back asking for motorists to watch out - a far cry from the high-visibility jackets we would put on our children nowadays!

A mother fastening a notice reading 'Please Mr Mot
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Here, children are receiving sun ray treatment at the child welfare centre in Harrow Road, west London. It was believed that the treatment prevented anaemia and chest infections.

Children receiving ray treatment at the child welf
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