Royal dating profiles

They got together at university, but what if they’d met online? We imagine dating profiles for William and Kate.


Good-looking, solvent young man seeks courteous, well-presented woman for fun, romance and defence of the realm. I come from a large family, who, though slightly eccentric (my granny will expect you to curtsey), are generally quite respectable.

My favourite night out is clubbing with my younger brother but I also like staying in with a DVD and a bottle of wine (favourite film: The Princess Bride).


Attractive brunette with university education seeks tall, charming guy for fairytale romance. I come from a modest background but dream of one day living in a big house and travelling the world.

I am family-oriented (I hope you are too) and I look forward to having my own little prince or princess in the future. Interests include fashion, art history, photography and films (favourite: The King and I).

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