You've Been Chucking GOOD Food Out For No Real Reason

Freezer with food in

Ignorance around which foods can and can't be frozen is causing us to waste decent nosh. We give you 7 foods that you probably didn't even realise you can freeze. Follow the REAL rules around freezing and we debunk the freezing myths.

Research by the FSA (Food Standards Agency) identified a number of freezing 'myths' that are preventing people from using their freezers to make food go further. 

43% of those interviewed think that food should only be frozen on the day of purchase to be safe; 38% incorrectly said it is dangerous to refreeze meat after it has been cooked; and 36% wrongly believe that food can become unsafe to eat while in the freezer.

"Every year we throw away seven tonnes of food and drink from our homes" FSA 

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Did You Know?

  • You can freeze foods right up to the 'use by' date. The use by date is about safety and best before date is about quality.

  • "While food is kept safe in the freezer, the quality deteriorates over time, so it needs to be eaten it within three to six months and checking for any freezing instructions on the packaging.

  • Putting food in the freezer is like turning on the pause button. Once defrosted, the pause button is off, so defrost food as and when you need it and eat it within 24 hours of it being fully defrosted.

 Seven Foods You Might Not Realise You Can Freeze

1: Cheese, even if it's on the sell by date grab a bargain and freeze in a plastic bag. 

2: Wine, on the rare occasion you have any leftover freeze in the ice cube tray for sauces.

3: Lemons and Limes, don't let them rot in the fruit bowl have one handy for a G&T any time.

4: Meat that has been previously cooked and thawed properly.

5: Milk - freeze as soon as possible after buying and then when you need it thaw in the fridge. 

6: Fresh Pesto is expensive so grab a discount deal and freeze it, again you can decant into an ice-cube tray.

7: Cake, don't watch it go stale - whack it in the freezer for when that impromptu guest arrives.

 The Myths About Freezing And Defrosting Debunked 

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