Could Indulging In This Common Past Time Be Great For Your Health?

Couple watching TV together

We watch movies and read works of fiction all the time...but did you know that they could in fact be doing more good than you think?

A new team of Oxford University researchers have suggested that hearing sad or dramatic stories, is conversely rather good for us!

The unexpected findings are based on the idea that tragic tales trigger our bodies to produce the feel-good hormone, endorphins. 

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Tear-jerker films or books therefore mean that we produce this natural painkiller, in order to feel better and even helping us bond with others who are nearby. 

A couple crying in a movie | Picture: iStock

These type of stories could therefore act as a social glue and this might explain why we keep coming back to them despite making us reach for the tissues. 

Shakespeare scholar Dr Sophie Duncan told BBC News: "Watching tragic drama is good for you - it's good for our health."

So basically we all like to feel good and the dulling of pain in our brains is addictive, meaning we keep going back for more. 

Well, we never needed an excuse for curling up on the sofa...