The Weird And The Wonderful Home Remedies For Travel Sickness!

Travel sickness hacks canvas

From vodka to teabags, here are some of the bizarre home remedies the internet has to offer!

Travel sickness can be a right pain and so can getting those little annoying ailments whilst in on holiday. 

When you're away from the safety of your home medical tin and an easy trip to the local GP, you have to make do with what you've got - and the internet has been providing us with the answers. 

However mad or bonkers some of these sound, the internet swears by them! Why not give them a go and let us know what you think. 

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Vodka for Smelly Feet


According to the experts at Naturehacks, those pongy feet are caused by bacteria growing on them throughout the day. Because vodka has such a high alcohol content, it can kill the bacteria that causes the odour. It also has a drying effect that can help get rid of the excess moisture on your feet. Simply wipe your feet with a vodka soaked cloth and let the alcohol do the rest! Who knew that there was more to vodka than toasting?

Toothpaste for Insect Bites

Toothpaste Tube Squeezer

Being bitten by an insect doesn't always hurt that much but the ITCHING afterwards can be unbearable. And if you're out of anti-itching cream then toothpaste is your next best bet. The peppermint oil in the paste acts as a cooling affect and stops the itch.

Mouthwash for Fungal Infections


While some anti-infection creams can be expensive, one imgur user swears that mouthwash has the same effect. Soaking your toes in mouthwash will allow the antiseptic properties to treat the fungal infection. 

Teabags for Burns

tea bags

Burns are nasty inflictions and if you don't have an aloe on hand the heat can cause unbearable pain. Did you know that a teabag can also calm your pain? Black teabags contain tannic acid which draws heat from burns. Simply place two or three cool, wet teabags on the wound and use a gauze to hold in place. 

Olives for Travel Sickness 


Chasing the sun can be hard, especially if it's getting there that's the problem! If you suffer from travel sickness this might just be the home remedy for you. Motion sickness makes you salivate more which in turn makes you feel even more sick. Olives contain tannins which dry out your mouth so eating a few can stop your mouth watering. This will reduce the nausea and stop you from vomiting. So, when you feel the first wave of motion sickness hit you, eat a few olives and you should be okay. 

There you have it! Now don't say we don't treat you... Happy holidays!