We've Been Holding Our Mugs Wrong The Entire Time!

coffee cup grab MAIN

Holding your cup of tea/coffee by the handle? You've got it wrong my friend

Hard day at work? Early morning start? Just as you go to reach for the handle of your freshly boiled beverage in your favourite chipped mug, just stop. Hold it right there.

 Picking up a mug by the handle? You've got it all wrong my friend.

 According to scientists in South Korea, they have found the perfect way to hold a mug without causing any minor burns or spillages - it's all in the hands people, it's all in the hands.

 After mind boggling tests, vigorous hand-eye co-ordination studies and various trips to the local coffee shop, they've found the solution! We've been holding our mugs wrong the whole time.

coffee cup grab

According to researchers, by holding your mug or cup via the handle on the side or by the body of the cup, the hot beverage inside is more likely to rise more forcefully and spill out of the mug, due to the increased force at which the hot drink hits the inside of the container.

mug holding

 What mugs we have been! So how do we get it right and turn from our stupid ways you ask?

 Introducing THE CLAW.

the claw grip


According to studies the RIGHT way to hold your hot beverage is from above the mug, with your fingers placed around the top of the mug just below the rim. This reduces the force at which the hot liquid hits the inside of the cup or mug resulting in less spills. How lovely.


'But what about the steam?' we hear you ask, how sturdy is this method, especially with a takeaway cup? Not to worry, Scientists also have another solution. Simply walk backwards!


By walking backwards, we are able to significantly change the frequency characteristics of our hand motion […] leading to a subsequent decrease in the probability of coffee spilling.’ says Jiwon Han, of the Korean Minjok Leadership Academy.

Of course, why didn't we think of that. Sounds perfectly safe.