These Earrings Sold For £45 MILLION But There's Something Odd About Them...

They're the most sought after earrings on the planet, but these dazzling drop earrings come with one BIG catch.

Sotheby's Auction world most expensive earrings £4

The world's most expensive earrings have just been snapped up for a cool £45 million.

Auction house Sotheby's sold the dazzling diamond pear drop earrings during a preview in Geneva, Switzerland, but weirdly they don't even match!

Yep, the mysterious buyer snapped up a stunning set of ODD earrings!

Don't worry though, the diamonds are mis-matched for the sake of design.

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The Apollo and Artemis Diamonds have been described the company "truly exceptional stones", with each earring having its own unique identity. 

Shining bright in a vivid blue colour, the Apollo earring weighs in at 14.54 carats and is perfectly cut and polished into a pear shape.

Its partner Artemis also shares the same pear shape but weighs a whopping 16 carats with an intense pink diamond.

So why are they so expensive?

Well, both gems are exceptionally rare, with less than 0.1% of the world's diamonds having any blue in them at all. What's more, o nly a tiny percentage of those is graded Fancy Vivid Blue like Apollo.

Apollo sold for £33 million and Artemis cost £12 million, despite their estimated value having been £55 million, making them the most expensive earrings ever sold.

Imagine how they'd cost if they actually matched!