YOU Can Control What Information Your Brains Deletes (And Keeps!)

brain stock photo

Your brain is UNBELIEVABLY clever.

It can store VAST amounts of knowledge (which is why you're so super smart), but in order to fit all this in, it has to delete some of the more useless info you've accumulated by (ehem) accident over the years. 

So how does it do this?

Well it's pretty fascinating actually. 

The brain is like a muscle aka. you can train it and it will get stronger. In fact the more you give it a daily work out, the more it's capacity to benefit you will also increase. 

Basically it's a two way relationship.  

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imaginary brain stock photo

It can all get quite fiddly, but to stop it getting too sciency try to imagine your brain like a garden full of blooming buds. 

(Okay so the brain grows synaptic connections between neurones rather than flowers, but it essentially works in the same way!) 

The more of these connections grow, the more special neurotransmitters can travel across them and the more you can learn. 

What's more, this "growing" doesn't even have to be done through practicing tricky mind games like playing sudoku and doing word searches and the like... it's actually as simple as the things just thinking about things.

SO, if you think about something a lot consciously, then your brain will file these thoughts as important and store them for you.

If you don't think about something much E.g. that report you've got in for a month's time... then guess what - your brain dumps that info.

Ace right? 

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So if that's how you grow your brain, how do you delete all that information you don't need?

Well funnily enough, the answer is sleep. Yep, when you're getting some well needed shut eye, your brain is able to clean itself out. 

It does this by shrinking cells and therefore creating space for you to add all the new, exciting things you're learning. 

But it doesn't even have to be long night's sleep - even grabbing yourself a 20 minute nap allows this clever organ to go in and do a bit of spring cleaning. 

So there you have it - focusing your thoughts on things you need to remember, naturally helps your brain register them as important, whilst sleep helps you clear out all the rubbish - EASY!