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We raised £1,530

My sister Laura and I raised £1,530 this year running the 5km on July 18th in Hyde Park. Our 46 year old mum got diagnosed with breast cancer this year and is currently undergoing chemotherapy, next year she hopes to take part with us as well. Well done to everyone who took part!

Well done the organisers

My sisters and I took part in the race for life at Verulamium park on Sun 18th July.  It was a wonderful experience and a joy to raise money for such an amazing cause.  Everyone that was there including the organisers should be so proud of themselves for supporting so many people that have been affected in so many different ways.  Myself (Karen) and my two Sisters (Melanie and Katie) applaud you all!!  We'll definately do it again.

I'll do it every year

I took part in Race for Life at Hyde park in London on the 18th July , this is my second race for life and I'm doing it in memory of my dad who I lost on the 13th of Jan 2009  he was only 53. It breaks my heart because my children are 4 and 2yrs and he will never get to see them grow up. I have made a promise to myself that I will do race for life every year untill the time comes wen I can't. Miss u dad always xxx

For all the BAMettes

I want to say a massive 'CONGRATULATIONS' to the 30+ women who ran yesterday. We, as a group from BAM Construct,raised over £5000 and I am so proud to be part of that amazing team of ladies. What a worthy cause!! Roll on next year xxxx Yvette Hart


Even more special

This was my 9th year taking part in the race and it made it even more special as I was one of the selected ladies to take part in the recording of the single 'Girls wanna have fun'. Although we didn't get to see the main singers, it was lovely to see the HolyOak girls.On the whole it was a fantastic day and this has made it extra special for me to have a picture of me on the cover of the single. Raised almost £1000. Thanks to all those who sponsored me.

A fab time

This was my fifth race for life which i did  with my two daughters lauren and phoebe at Blackheath  we had a fab time.  We did this for everyone who has lost a life, survived and still going through it, our thoughts are with you all xxxx

Tesco, Surrey Quays

Well done 2 all the  girls that took part in blackheaths race 4 life from Tesco Surrey Quays london se16 we all had a great time taking part.


I lost my mum 3 years ago to cancer, the day b4 my sons 1st birthday, i did my first race 4 life yesterday @ blackheath and it was amazing and i will be doing again next year, congrats to all that took part xx

Lauren, Louise and Kerri

I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who sponsored me, Louise & Kerri in this years Race for Life in memory of my dad who sadly passed away 5 years ago on Aug 21st to brain cancer. I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to Terry who has supported me immensely love you so much baby xxx


Hi, this year was my first year doing the race for life in Blackheath. I lost my mum to ovarian cancer on 30th May 2010, she fought it for almost two years, she was a true inspiration and never moaned or complained, she loved life and was my rock and best friend, i love you Mum, this is for you. Miss you so much.
Nicola Dalton


Just done race for life this morning in Blackheath, to make a difference to so many peoples lives, great atmosphere and the best experience every, will defo be doing it again next year. Good luck to all, together we will make a difference. xxx


Well done Eleanor Davis & her m8s for doing the race for life in blackheath today we are all proud of you love ya xxxxx

For my Aunt

I took part in the race for life for the first time, for my aunt. She passed away in September. She died in agony and it really hit home. You never quite understand 'Cancer' until you see a loved one suffering and know that you can't do anything. Well, this is me doing something now! My  friends and I raised some money through sponsership, it may not be a vast amount but every penny counts. I'd like to say thank you the the girls who took part with me - Camille, Betty, Angela, Jo and Pat. Love u all girls, next year there will be a soldier for each of us! You all know what I mean.!!xx

Cassie Apples

I didn't run this year as I have done in the past and think  I have exhausted my sponsors! So instead me and my sister volunteered to help for the day! I would like to say well done to all those ladies who took part; you truly are amazing! What an emotional day! I will definitely be volunteering again next year; the events staff were so friendly and grateful! Overall; Amazing!

Sophia Robinson

I took part in the race for life for about the fifth time along side my mum and my sister who i work with everyday along with sherry who has to put up with us all and beau who is six years old. This year we manged to raise even more money for cancer research by all joining together, i love you all girls well done, especially to mum who sprinted round the course like a teenager. xx

Barbara Leatherby

I took part for the Race for Life in Battersea Park. The reason i did again was to raise money for a great cause..My mum was diagnosed with lung cancer andmy world was turned up side down...She also did the race this year..So proud of her Well done mum..Barabara Leatherby love u ..xxx
Sue Thomson

For my friend Amy

Hi, i done my first race for life this year, and i done it for my friend Amy she was only 15 when she lost her 2 year long battle, i miss her dearly. I really enjoyed it but i regret running it !!
Beth Norton


Well done to me and katie xx we ran the whole 5k (3 miles) xx :-D xx we are stars (*) xx