Friday 7th October

Emma’s a good girl and very happy with her family but she’s got and allowed her other half to have a Laminated List. What is it and who’s on the list? Click below to find out!

New research shows that the average Brit owns 80 books which they haven’t read but make them look more intellectual. The list of books to be seen reading includes Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre whereas the “guilty pleasures list” includes tomes by Helen Fielding and Danielle Steele… And Harry Potter if you’re Joanne Travel!

It’s been a really good run for Barney on The Generation Gap. He beat his teacher today which means he’ll be allowed to eat cake in maths lessons. That’s the coolest thing ever! Listen next week as the kids take on the grown-ups once again.

We’re at the end of week 4 of our current run of Battle Of The Boroughs. Southend still top the leaderboard with a time of 35.95 seconds. Could you do better? Give us a call on Monday for your chance to be the pride of your district.

Next week we’ll be giving you the chance to win £2000 to spend on some amazing experiences. Make sure your alarm’s set for 6am!

And we’re #teamjason all weekend! Come on Jase – you can do it!

See you next week x

Emma's Laminated List - 7th October 2011