Thursday 20th October

Aaay! The Fonz is over here at the moment. We just had to speak to one of our heroes so we clicked our fingers and there he was! Have a listen below…

You’ve heard of Fit Club for humungous humans but what about for portly pets? A charity has launched an annual slimming competition for animals. The reining champions are Labrador, Luck and Rottweiler, Madison who’ve lost around 25kg – the weight of eight Yorkshire terriers! Maybe Jamie should get himself down there!

Day 4 of The Generation Gap and yet another victory for Kate from Leatherhead. She has one more day to go to make it 5 out of 5. Tune in after 8 tomorrow to find out how she gets on (and if she gets a forfeit!)

Tomorrow’s the big day. We’ll find out where the brainiest people in London are in Battle Of The Boroughs. This morning Debbie from Selsdon sailed into the lead with an amazing time of 27.87 seconds. That will take some beating! Will there be a last minute upset though? It’s happened before… Don’t miss it!

Also tomorrow, the lovely Emma Bunton will once again be Spicing Up Your Life, we’ll have another chance to win a theatre break on Hearticulate and Friday means... Freebie Friday!

See you tomorrow x

The Fonz On Heart Breakfast - 20th October 2011