Wednesday 19th October

We've often wondered about Jamie's leather jackets... And the fact that he's just taken his motorbike test... But what about Emma? Is she having a mid life crisis too?! Click below to find out…

We hear that the X Factor house could be shut down because it’s failed fire and safety regulations. So where will all the contestants stay? Joanne Travel’s happy to put Craig up and help him with his dieting, there might also be room for Frankie in the chicken coop. Emma wouldn’t mind The Rick in her spare room – they’re good looking boys!

Tomorrow, Kate’s back on The Generation Gap to compete against another member of her family. This morning she used her knowledge of rubber ducks to gain victory over her granny, Sue. Tomorrow she’s up against her Uncle Rob.

There are only two more days to go in Battle Of The Boroughs – our quest to seek out the brainiest borough in London. Don’t miss your chance to win £1000 and the priceless Battle Of The Boroughs trophy. Give us a call tomorrow to play on 0845 605 1062.

On Thursday’s show we’ll be talking to Henry Winkler aka The Fonz – aaaayyyy! If you’ve got a question for him let us know on our Facebook page. Also tomorrow, another chance for you to win your way in to our exclusive Bruno Mars gig.

Is Emma Having A MId Life Crisis? - 19th October 2011