JK & Lucy's Heart Breakfast Commuter Challenge

It's official it's quicker to get a Horse and Carriage to work in London than it is to get a bus!

JK and Lucy decided to find out once and for all which mode of transport is fastest for our daily commute in London!

The average distance a Londoner commutes into the city each morning is 4.8 miles, so we sent 8 commuters in on different modes of transport. Their destination: our studio here in Leicester Square!

We had:

Team Running: (Charlie starting from Archway)

Team Cycling: (Geoff starting from Balham)

Team Bus: (Matthew starting from Bow)

Team Tube: (Anna starting from Putney):

Team Train: (Zac will be starting from Tulse Hill)

Team Car: (Lyndsey starting from Shepherds Bush)

Team Boat:(Matt Wilkinson starting from Greewich)

Team Horse & Carriage: Toby Anstis starting from Golders Hill

Have a listen below for all the highlights including the result and when a Horse and Carriage beats a London Bus!  

JK & Lucy's Commuter Challenge - Ready? Set. Go!

JK & Lucy's Commuter Challenge - We have a winner!!

JK & Lucy's Commuter Challenge - Matt's on the boat!

JK & Lucy's Commuter Challenge - Toby arrives back in the studio!