Lucy's Blog - Monday 14th January

Hiya!! On today's show, I may have taken the mickey out of JK a little bit. Well, actually quite A LOT. Thing is though, I do it for his own good, because I care. Or something.

Anyway, the reason I took the mickey out of him is because….HE WEARS UGGS. AND CROCS. Yep. Shocking isn’t it.
To try to cure JK of his Croc/Ugg addiction, I asked for your thoughts on this very serious issue. You were brilliant as always, and searingly honest…’s some of your comments from
Lorraine -  Oh dear, I think the fashion police will be waiting for JK tonight lol
Mandy - Crocs are only acceptable on under 10 year olds!! I need some new Uggs and it's my birthday soon Hope:-)
Rhys - Save money this valentines day and give your Uggs to your girlfriend lol
Ela -Completely up to the person. It doesn't matter what other people think as long as the person is comfy and happy.
Joe - Nothing manly about Ugg boots. Put on a hard hat and do the Y M C A, the only way to make you manlier!
Also, something we did on Saturday breakfast last weekend was ‘Celebrity Top Trumps’. When have you ever helped out a celebrity? It went down so well we’re doing it every day now! So, if you’ve helped a celebrity before and have a great story, why not share it with us?
See you tomorrow from 4!

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