Lucy's Blog - Tuesday 14th January

Hiya! Hope you’ve had a decent Tuesday! On today’s show we were talking about Facebook Check In’s.

JK hates them & doesn’t understand why people do it, whereas I’m quite the fan of a cheeky check in at the Gym, or at a favourite pub or restaurant. I also love it when my friends check in at the airport when they go o holiday, it’s nice! So, today, we wanted to know, your favourite and least favourite Facebook check ins!
Hannah - Someone checked into the dinner table on Christmas Day.
Penny - Supermarket check-ins !
Laura - Checking in at 'bed with my boyfriend' makes me cringggge!
Georgie - Talking of Lucy checking in at the gym, and other such workout statuses that have invaded my newsfeed since January, I saw this earlier... ''Unless you fell off the treadmill and smacked your one wants to hear about your workout'' It made me LOL xx
Shelley - sister-in-law checked in to hospital 'in labour' then gave regular updates throughout! Shelley
And this anonymous one wins the award for funniest one of the day….
A friend of mine checks in to her 'bed' and it comes up as a 'local business'!
We’ll be back tomorrow afternoon from 4pm, see you then!
Lucy xxx

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