Lucy's Blog - Wednesday 15th January

Hiya! Hope you’ve had a good Wednesday! On today’s show, we wanted to know what you think should be in the list of the Top 5 Things Men Shouldn’t Do After 30!

Here’s some of your thoughts…. I agree wholeheartedly with ALL of them!
Lois - Think that their girlfriend will wait around forever....
Lorraine - Wear "Jesus Sandals" with white socks and shorts, or wear the sandals at all
Kerry - Wear budgie smugglers or Speedo's on the beach!
Katy - Have childrens character duvet covers.........
Kirsty - Own an X Box
Frances - Skateboard.
Suz - say things like: arsenal is the most important thing in my life (or any other football team)! Really? grow up
Melanie - Wear a baseball hat back to front and drive a Subaru .
Lee - Wear a ring on the thumb !!!!
We’ll be back tomorrow from 4pm, see you then!
Lucy xxx

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