The Waterfall Swing

Waterfall Swing - World Maker Faire


We reckon this would keep the kids entertained while on their holidays! Although it may be a bit cold for it at the moment.

This is the Waterfall Swing in New York. 

It looks so cool!

This is how it works: 

Water recirculates through 273 independently controlled solenoid valves at the top of the structure to create a wall of water. 

This water starts from a collection pool on the ground and is pumped up to a large pipe that feeds the solenoids. 

Sensors mounted on the swingset gather information about the angle and speed of each swing. 

That information is sent to a computer that predicts the action of the rider. 

The computer then creates a hole in the wall of water, allowing the rider to swing through without getting wet.

It all sounds a bit complicated to us, but we love it! 

JK & Lucy