Recovered anorexic tells Heart his story

It's not just females who suffer from eating disorders.

As part of our week of special reports looking at eating disorders, we've spoken to a recovered anorexic male about his story.

The 20-year-old from Milton Keynes has asked for his identity to be kept anonymous, so we've changed his name to James in this article.

James first became ill when he was 13 years old and suffered from Anorexia Nervosa for about 4 years. At one time his weight reached just five and a half stone.

He started by telling us what he went through and how his illness started.

James had two hospital stays - one for a few weeks, and the other which lasted for about a year.

He told Heart it was the thought of going back in for another stay which helped him start to get better.

Although it was a long process, James is now out of treatment, at university and is a recovered anorexic.

He spoke to us about what things are like for him now.