Tall buildings in Central Milton Keynes

It looks like we could be getting more tall buildings in Central Milton Keynes.

Milton Keynes Council is asking people to comment on where buildings which are over ten stories high should go in CMK and what they should look like.

At the moment it's being suggested that developers who want to build tall buildings are encouraged to put them around the Midsummer Boulevard and Witan Gate intersection.

Neil Sainsbury - who's a Principal Urban Designer for MK Council - doesn't think they'll ruin the identity of Central MK:

"We're protecting existing residential areas in Central Milton Keynes from tall buildings and really focusing tall buildings in areas around Witan Gate and Midsummer Boulevard, which we believe will reinforce Central Milton Keynes as the economic and vibrant part of the city."

"We do want to retain the identity of Central Milton Keynes in terms of the tree lined boulevards. But we actually believe by being clear on where tall buildings are allowed and by actively encouraging them really in one location around The Hub, where the tall buildings are, we believe that will actually add value to Central Milton Keynes, and will prevent tall buildings from being put up anywhere in Central Milton Keynes."

The consultation about tall buildings is running alongside one about the future design of new residential developments in MK.

The current suggestions are detailed in two documents which have been produced by MK Council. Mr Sainsbury says people's comments will be listened to:

"We'll certainly listen to what people have to say. We have our views on where tall buildings are appropriate and we've got a strong methodology for determining that. But certainly people in Milton Keynes who know certain areas very well might have certain views on where tall buildings might be appropriate where we haven't shown them. So we'll certainly be listening to everyone's views and re-drafting the document once the consultation's complete."

Both documents are available to comment on until Friday 12th March at the Council's Civic Offices, at all libraries in MK and on the Council's website








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