If You Type These Phrases Into Google...You'll Get Some Hilarious Results!

Google funny searches

The famed search engine has revolutionised the way that we look for information...but not every result is useful.

Google is the go-to for all things knowledge, whether it's looking up the news, a historical fact or giving yourself a quick-self diagnosis, but how many times have you found yourself looking up really WEIRD queries?

Well, if you've found yourself Googling what would happen if a 'ginger kid bit you' or why 'eleven isn't pronounced onety one', then you're NOT alone.

Apparently, the internet has some burning questions and Google's answers are hilarious...

Why does my husband...

Husbands aren't the easiest things to live with...especially when they pass wind all the time, and erm, have a penchant for ladies underwear?! 

What do I do if...

If this Google search is anything to go by, then apparently there are over 200,000 articles to calm your worries should a red-headed child ever choose to bite you.

Why isn't...

It seems as though a lot of people want to know exactly why eleven isn't pronounced 'onety one'. We mean, it completely makes sense to be fair!

What's a boyfriend...

Apparently there's a large percentage of people who have been single for so long they've completely forgotten what a boyfriend is, and are hoping to snag one on iTunes maybe?

Why do I have...

You would think that the minute your toilet time turns toxic then it would be a good idea to get to the doctors. Well, according Google, 'green poop' is more common than you'd think! 

Just when we thought the internet couldn't get any weirder... IT JUST DID. 

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